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Started by 3 lifelong friends, the vision of the Texan Diner is to serve local food, made from scratch that will bring families like ours together for a lifetime!

At the Texan Diner, we come to work everyday to answer the age-old question families have been asking for years: What’s for Dinner? 



Our love of food and our community demands that we buy local, hire local and feature local products on our menu. Born and raised in Texas, Chef James has used the Lone Star state as inspiration to create the Texan Diner’s menu. 


100% natural ingredients from the mind and artistry of Chef James. Recipes that put a gourmet twist on traditional favorites or a playful take on desserts for breakfast. 


Using only fresh ingredients, house baked bread, house brined and smoked meats; our passion for food means we make our food for you. We know it will have you inviting your friends to:

Come and Taste It!

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